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If someone

had ever told Kelly Giblin

she’d be selling wigs in a cancer center,

she would not have believed it. A suc-

cessful paralegal for many years, Kelly

loved her job. Then, an unexpected med-

ical condition changed her life—and the

course of her career.

Lemons into lemonade

Kelly’s dramatic shift in direction started a

few years ago when she noticed a patch

of hair missing from the back of her head.

She was eventually diagnosed with alo-

pecia areata, a type of hair loss that occurs

when the immune system mistakenly

attacks hair follicles. Losing large patches

of her hair was traumatic, and Kelly started

wearing a wig to help bring back her


“It’s the best and worst thing that ever

happened to me,” Kelly says. “I remember

walking into a wig shop, and the entire

experience was awful.” She ended up

in a tiny room like a broom closet trying

on wigs that were both unattractive and


It wasn’t long before Kelly decided she

wanted to take that sour experience and

make something sweet out of it.

She began researching wigs online and

discovered there were better options for

herself and other women. She soon started

selling and styling wigs from home on

nights and weekends.

One day, Kelly shared the story of her

search for better wigs with her Rotary

group—and that led to the offer of a

special partnership with San Joaquin

Community Hospital (SJCH):

Would Kelly

be interested in opening a wig shop at

The AIS Cancer Center?

“I knew I wanted

to help,” she says. “I didn’t realize I’d

leave my career to do it. But I’m glad I


Kelly named her wig shop Lemonade

Locks because of the old adage, “When

life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Lemonade Locks has been in business for

more than three years.

“I love helping women who are nervous

about losing their hair or have lost their

hair because of cancer treatments or other

A lock on



Y O U + U S : B R E A S T C E N T E R

Kelly Giblin, of Lemonade

Locks, knows all about turning

lemons into lemonade.